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Advertise In Residential Societies

Advertise in residential Societies is most innovate advertising solution which we offers to our esteemed clients. Advertisers can reach to the direct consumers and it can established brand loyalty.Advertise in residential societies main purpose is that it helps advertisers to get quick response from their end customers.

Advertising Opportunities in Residential Societies

Society Notice Board

Society Notice Board is used to put up a poster of advertiser. Society notice board is located in most prominent location in the society. Advertisers use this techniques more often.

Society Maintenance Bill Jacket

Society maintenance bill jacket helps advertisers to connect directly with the decision maker of a resident. Society maintenance bill are delivered on door to door basis.

Kiosk in society or Canopy in Society

Kiosk in society or Canopy in Society is placed at the most strategic location where there are maximum footfalls in that particular society. Kiosk in society helps to reach customers directly. Canopy in Society is also suitable for new product launch.

Distribution of Flyers or leaflets in Society

Distribution of Flyers or leaflets in Society is one of the most effective tools of direct marketing. Distribution of flyers gives advertiser a direct access to the customers. We distribute flyers and leaflets in societies with the permission of the society management.

Advertising in Society Events

Advertising in society events is a most effective way of advertising. It is a wonderful opportunity to advertisers to reach their target customer on festival days or on auspicious days like New Year, Diwali, and Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. Advertisers can display their products and greet society members directly. Hanks advertising mapped societies from various perspectives like residential type, interest of targeted locations. On the basis of that Hanks Advertising help you take best decision with respect to your target group.